Fiber supplements are great for controlling your hunger. Fiber gives your stomach the sensation that it is full.

Fiber in the form of cellulose is one of the ingredients in Weight Watchers foods for the simple reason that it makes you feel more full.

So, along with calorie restriction it is helpful to add fiber supplements to your diet. Not only will it suppress your appetite but it will be healthy for your gut as well!

One diet that can be very successful is Dr. Siegel's Smart for Life Cookie Diet. The premise behind this diet is that the fiber in the high fiber cookies help to fill you up and decrease your appetite. Fiber really does work to control your appetite! And in the form of delicious cookies, what can be hard about that?

If you choose to use chewable fiber wafers before meals to control your appetite, I recommend all natural Fiber Delights. They taste great and are good for you too!

Fiber Delights® 60 chewable tablets

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Eat Cookies Lose Weight with Smart for Life