Calorie Restriction Is King For Weight Loss

Why is Calorie Restriction so important?

Do you know how the very successful Lap band surgery works?

It make the size of your stomach very small by putting a band around it. When you eat food you fill up very quickly so that if you eat too much you will throw up.

This surgery FORCES calorie restriction upon you. Because those that promote Lap band surgery know that many people do not have the DISCIPLINE to calorie restrict on their own.

But why don't people have the discipline to restrict their calories on their own?

I think one of the reasons people lack the discipline to calorie restrict on their own is that they have been given diets that are too restricting that make it impossible for them to follow.

What I mean is that they have been given diets that are too low in calories and so they become too ravenous and will cave in and fall off the diet.

If they were put on a proper calorie restriction diet they would have had more likelihood of succeeding.

For example a person that is 250 pounds should not be put on a standard 1200 calorie diet.

That would be cruel and too difficult.

That person would feel as if they were starving and would be more likely to fail.

But I have seen that happen time and time again.

I think another reason people lack the discipline to calorie restrict on their own is that they operate by negative reinforcement rather than positive reinforcement.

Lap band surgery is definitely negative reinforcement. Eat too much>feel sick and throw up> stop eating too much.

It would be similar to hiring someone to whack you with a stick every time you overate.

Don't get me wrong, I am not against lap band surgery.

I have sent some of my patients for it.

And for some people nothing else will work.

But, I know our health care system will not support every overweight person in this country to get lap band surgery.

I also know that it doesn't always work.

Some people will find a way around it AND STILL OVEREAT.

There was one person that I knew that managed to get enough liquid calories in that she did not lose weight.

That person could probably use some counseling because there is most likely an emotional component going on.

I also know that all surgery is risky.

Any time anyone goes under anesthesia and the knife there is a risk that something could go wrong.

Bleeding that won't stop, deadly reactions to anesthesia are just some of the risks.

The newer lap band surgery that has pretty much replaced the older gastric bypass because it is much safer, but as I said before, any surgery is a risky and any surgeon will tell you that it is much more difficult to operate on an obese person than a normal weight person.

A proper calorie restriction diet operates by positive reinforcement.

You restrict calories>feel better>lose weight>keep following the low calorie diet.

The positive reinforcement comes from:


This positive reinforcement should be IMMEDIATE if you are restricting calories properly!!!!!


It works better!

I think many people have been put on improper calorie restriction diets that set them up for failure. They fail get frustrated and come to the conclusion that they need lap band surgery because nothing else works.

Because of these failures at improper calorie restriction, there is a myth that simply cutting calories doesn’t work.

My patients are always asking me, “What is the best way to lose weight?” When I tell them calorie restriction, they look at me with disbelief and ask me about carbohydrate restriction.

I explain that it helps to cut down on carbohydrates because doing so cuts down on calories and that helps with weight loss.

Also, if you have diabetes or high insulin syndrome, cutting carbohydrates is essential.

But the key to weight loss is calorie restriction.

If you need to carbohydrate restrict in addition to calorie restricting that’s fine but just know that carbohydrate restriction without staying in your calorie range to lose weight usually does not work.

However you manage to do it, calorie restriction works.

There are a lot of diets out there, but they all work by restricting your calories.

Atkins diet restricts carbohydrates and thus restricts calories.

It works as long as you stay within your correct calorie range to lose weight.

It doesn’t work if you don’t.

The South Beach diet restricts calories also.

My purpose is not to criticize other diets but to emphasize the importance of calorie restriction in weight loss.

Of course there may be other factors in weight loss but I don’t believe they are as important as calorie restriction.

Calorie restriction is the best way to lose weight.

Weight Watchers knows it.

Jenny Craig knows it.

Medical Weight Loss knows it.

And I know it.

My book

Recipe For Weight Loss, Personalized Calorie Restriction To Lose Weight, Feel Better, Save Money and Live Longer will help you calorie restrict the proper way that will set you up for SUCCESS not failure.

I am going to assume that since you are reading this website, you are truly motivated to lose weight.

Well, if you are motivated to lose weight you need to first view this as a long-term project, not just something you are going to try for a few months.

Depending on your current weight now and how fast you work the program, it could take 1 to 2 years to achieve your goal weight.

This is not a diet. It is a lifestyle modification to lose weight. It is a choice you make every day using food you are already eating.

The great thing about it is you can eat food that you already are eating.

In other words you DO NOT HAVE TO CHANGE YOUR DIET!!!!

All you have to do is count what you are eating right now.

Or, if you prefer not to count or do not have time to count..... included in this book are the Personalized Calorie Restricted meals for your calorie needs.

These are pre-counted, pre-planned meals that save you the time that you would spend looking up calories in a calorie counting book.

This makes counting calories a piece of cake!

The concept of this book is simple. It is simply calorie restriction. So why, you may ask, did I feel like this simple book needed to be written?

There are several reasons.

In my practice of family medicine, I have been doing a great deal of diet counseling for the past 15 years and I have witnessed, over these years, first hand, the confusion that everyone is experiencing.

There are so many diets out there. No one knows what to do anymore.

"Should I carbohydrate restrict or not?", is a common question I hear.

The Center for Disease Control in Atlanta recently came out with a statement that the only diet that works to lose weight is calorie restriction and I believe they are correct.

There are many diets that use calorie restriction.

Most of them get you to calorie restrict without realizing it, by using gimmicks or special diets.

This book simply explains, without any gimmicks or special diets to follow, how to lose weight by restricting calories.

So for those who want a no-nonsense how-to-book on how to lose weight, this is it.

The second reason is that obesity in our country is reaching epidemic proportions and something needs to be done on so many different levels in our society.

I can only help with the educational part.

This is a problem that is draining the already overburdened health care system in our country and it is only getting worse.

The third reason is that, with today’s struggling economy, many people simply cannot afford to purchase some of the excellent and effective calorie restriction programs that work, like Weight Watchers, Nutrisystem, Jenny Craig and Medical Weight Loss.

And often times when people quit those programs they have not learned well enough how to do it on their own, so they gain all their weight back.

So this is an affordable alternative for the many people that are motivated enough to lose weight on their own and in the process gain valuable lifelong habits to keep their bodies at a healthy weight!!!!